June recap: Data Cleaning with R

Our June meetup Our June meetup was about cleaning data using R. Data cleaning is the process of preparing your data for analysis; ensuring that it is technically correct and in the desired format. Data cleaning can often be more time-consuming than the actual analysis! We were live tweeting the event! Check out some tweets below. Introduction Darina and Katerina provided an introduction to data cleaning, with a focus on the process of ensuring the data is technically correct.

May recap: Git happieR with GitHub

Our May Event! The May R-Ladies meetup took place on May 16, 2018 at Drexel’s LeBow School of Business. Thanks for hosting us again, Drexel, and thanks to our sponsors Datacamp and the R consortium! Our topic for May was version control using the popular resources Git and GitHub, and we focused on integrating version control with R. Intro Darina and I started with an example to illustrate the utility of version control in collaborating on a document or project over time.

April recap: Introduction to Text Mining with R

Our April Event! The April R-Ladies meetup was held on April 19th at Drexel. Thanks again to Drexel for hosting us and to DataCamp and the R consortium for sponsoring us! Our topic was an introduction to text mining in R using the first two chapters of “Text Mining with R” by fellow R-Lady(!) Julia Silge and David Robinson. There was a great group - including some new faces! Amy took us through the key concepts of the chapter and then we broke into groups to do some exercises together.